Monday, September 12, 2011

My New York Apartment

I have successfully relocated to Brooklyn. My delightful parents carted me and my stuff all the way, where friends Sarah (also my roomie) and Madan were waiting to assist in the haul. The rents pulled the ol' drop and go (a Reedy standard) and I started getting organized. Adam showed up and is actually 100% responsible for the organization in my kitchen. I had three or 4 boxes dedicated to kitchen ware alone, which I needed only unpack as Adam loaded everything into the cabinets. It's quite tidy and much more organized than I would've bothered with. Score! 

Meanwhile, Janet burst in on the scene (with champagne!), causing much delight and a non-stop barrage of speaking for... the rest of the night. Adam and Madan tried real hard to watch the ill-fated Penn State game (sigh), while Janet, Sarah, and I did our best to talk quietly in the corner. Fun Brittany pulled a brief cameo, sadly she had to work in the morning. Pfft. Blah, blah, blah- we went to Manhattan where I met Jack, Janet and Jake's Jack Russell. I immediately fell in love and tried my hardest to make him love me back. I think I've done an admirable job so far. He's in for a whole world of adoration since I can't get a dog of my own. In fact, I've already agreed to dog sit. It's gonna be great.

Right, well, then Mark showed up with his girlfriend, Jen and we all went our for some karaoke. Hell, yes. I know it was a good night because by the time Jake showed up, I was somewhere between Bea Arthur Party-Voice and Complete Muteness. We went to a diner, I ate delicious grilled cheese-- all in all, the perfect inauguration to my New York life. 

And now, two days later, I'm fully unpacked and settled in. A great feeling. It hasn't sunk in that I live here now, no matter how many times I keep saying it. But it's happened, it's real, and now I have to make it stick (aka find a job). Fingers crossed.