Sunday, October 30, 2011

Walking With the Dead

I live right near Green-Wood Cemetery, which is enormous and beautiful, and a national historical landmark! I like to take walks there on clement days. There are, allegedly, many famous people interred there. I've only found one of the famous graves (John Matthews, "Soda Fountain King"). Like I said, it's a big cemetery. You can look up some of the famous... residents and find their plots, but I just take casual strolls. I think I've covered maybe .08% of the available grounds. Here are some pictures!

The main entrance is gorgeous.

Guardian of the Underworld

Call Tom Hanks.

John Matthews's Grave

A lot of people leave various coins.

Tree down!

I liked this tombstone because it's pretty.

Civil War vet!

This is the more modern section.
 Mausoleum for cremated remains.

Koi pond!
There's some life in the old girl yet.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Zucchini Cheese Fries

Inspired by Cheese Fries. Perfected with healthy.

  • Zucchini
  • Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
  • Garlic powder
  • Ground herbs (basil, thyme)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Oil medium-sized baking sheet with olive oil.
  3. Wash zucchini, chop and discard rough ends. I used two, medium-sized zucchinis, which was way too much for one person.
  4. Julienne zucchini. I used a mandolin slicer (easily a favorite kitchen tool) at 3/8ths of an inch. You want the slices to roughly look like french fries.
  5. Spread sliced zucchini onto baking sheet. Drizzle with EVOO and toss with garlic powder, herbs, and s&p.
  6. Bake zucchini in oven for about 20 minutes. I wanted the zucchini to be pretty firm in this recipe, so I checked them at around 15 minutes and pulled them out shortly after. If you want them more tender, let them cook longer.
  7. Remove zucchini from oven. Sprinkle with shredded cheese. Return to oven.
  8. Remove from oven once cheese is nice and melty. Serve immediately.
Note: This doesn't save too well, so it's best to only make as much as you plan to eat.


Panorama Ding Dong

My camera was out of commission for a while as I searched for a charger with an American plug, but now it's back in action! Which means, as you should all know by now, PANORAMA!

This is where I do most of my living.
That's my room. You probably figured that out already. It's pretty giant. The living room hardly compares. In a strange turn of adulthood, I actually try to keep my room neat. Bed made, even. Wanna know the key to success? Have a reasonable place for everything you own and then keep things in their places. Novel idea, I know.


My So-Called Life

It's not much of an update to tell you I still don't have a job. I almost had a phone interview, but it never happened, and that's the most response I've gotten thusfar. I'm not panicking yet. I am, however, considering part-time menial labor to gather some kind of income as I keep looking for an appropriate job. I generally find at least one new position to apply for per day and I have friends (shoutout: Janet, Jake, and Adam), who are helping to circulate my resume. It's tough (and frustrating), but I'm making moves.

With no work, some may ask what I do with my time. A lot of miscellany, is the answer.

  1. I read (for the sake of sanity and to reach my 100 books read in 2011 self- challenge. I'm at 76.)
  2. I cook/bake (OVEN!)
  3. I take walks
  4. I dog-sit (just for Janet and Jake's dog. He's real cute.)
  5. I sleep (so much glorious sleep)
  6. I look for jobs (this could, in itself, be a job.)
  7. Of course, I watch TV and movies (not as much as you'd think. I mostly tune into SVU and Top Model reruns.)
That's about it. Fairly standard. I'm thinking of spicing things up and adding new activities, but I wouldn't want to get too wild. 


Getting Served

It's been a while. Not that I haven't had things to talk about. There have been a few stories I wanted to share and I'll get to them soon. Unfortunately, SOMEONE cracked their LCD screen on their shiny, beautiful laptop and then had a hullabaloo in trying to fix it and was subsequently without a computer for nearly three weeks. SpoilerAlert: It was me. I cracked my screen. I tried to be proactive about it. I purchased a new screen online, it came in, i took everything to BestBuy for installation. You'd think it'd be so simple.

A couple days later I get a call from BestBuy. The new screen is defunct. Stellar. Also, I need to purchase a ribbon cable (it's the cable that provides power to the screen). Double trouble. I start procedures to return the crap screen, then order another screen from a different seller. I have to go through Toshiba Customer Service to get the cable. By the way, Toshiba Customer Service is the worst. I was on the line with one guy for ten minutes in utter silence as he "looked things up." He transferred me to a different person, with whom I had to start the whole process over again, and after ten minutes, he says he can't proceed without my laptop serial number. Even though I know the make and model of my computer. Apparently, he can't even look to see if they have any ribbon cables without the number. Well, my laptop's at BestBuy, where they agreed to hold onto my laptop until my new parts came in. I go to BestBuy, they give me a photocopy of all my laptop's info. I call Toshiba Customer Service. Inexplicably, I get another double whammy of waiting and transferring. Twenty minutes later, finally able to give them my laptop serial number. They tell me the cable is out of stock. They don't know when it will be stocked, but they'll place my order.

At least twice a week every following week, I call Toshiba for an update. Always the same: Out of stock. No, they don't know when it'll be stocked. How can they not know when it'll be stocked? In the mean time, BestBuy's Geek Sqaud keeps calling to check up. They'd really like to fix my computer for me. Sorry, guys. After maybe two weeks, Toshiba finally finds out when the cable will be stocked in the warehouse. It'll be another week. I call back on the day it's supposed to be stocked, just to see. Turns out, they have no idea if the parts were delivered. And there's no possible way to check. I should call back in two days. At this point, my brain is numb from hurting so hard.

In some miraculous turnaround, I don't have to call in two days' time. My part was delivered to me. Did I mention I had my new screen hanging around nearly this entire time? That whole business took five days, tops. Amazon makes me happy. Anyway, I schlep my new parts over to the Geek Sqaud, who had last called earlier that day, before the cable was delivered. When I first got to the Geek Sqaud counter, I started telling the guy why I was there, and he goes, "Oh, Christine." Yuuuuuuuup. They're really attentive. So attentive, in fact, that the whole of the Geek Squad comes flooding out. I guess my story had gotten around. With everyone in attendance, the guy working on my computer checks out what I've brought. He seems pleased. He tells me he'll fix it that very day. I believe he did. It took a couple days to go through inspections and whatnot, but I had my computer back posthaste. The best part? Even though they technically did two installations, and I was so frustrated I would've paid anything to get my computer back, they only charged me for one service job.

The moral of this story is that the Gekk Squad is awesome and Amazon is pretty great, but Toshiba Customer Service is awful.

Either that or "Oh, hey. I have a computer again." Your call.