Friday, November 18, 2011

Green-Wood Again

Here are some more photos from Green-Wood Cemetery.

The quote:
"Find tongues in trees, books in running brooks,
sermons in stones, and good in everything."
-- As You Like It, Shakespeare
(my favorite gravesite)


Hashtag: Disappointment

You know the worst about searching for a job? Applying for a position you care about and never hearing back.



Wednesday, November 9, 2011


JoePa is retiring, a terrible way to end a legacy. Jerry Sandusky's face was painted over in the famous Penn State mural. The Westboro Baptist Church plans to protests Penn State's football game on Saturday.



UPDATE: JoePa has been fired from his position effective immediately. Dark, dark days.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tainted Love

This week, Penn State fans are forced to fly their pennants at half-mast. For anyone who hasn't heard the news, here's a link to the latest story bringing shame to the University's doorstep.

Shame, an interesting word of choice. Any dedicated alumnus/a knows the third verse of PSU's alma mater.

          May no act of ours bring shame,
          To one heart that loves thy name.
          May our lives but swell they fame,
          Dear Old State, dear Old State.

The recently exposed sex scandal is not the first to mar the name of the university. What's shocking about this new disgrace is that the people implicated aren't merely wayward students. The state is calling a lot of big names into question for neglecting to report the sexual abuse of young boys to proper authorities-- including Joe Paterno.

I grew up in a Penn State family. My parents met at PSU and I followed both my sister and my brother before me in enrolling at the Big Ten school. It's been a beloved institution in my family for generations, which includes a pre-disposed love of JoePa.

I'm having a difficult time resigning my feelings around the current situation. It's a travesty that young boys were attacked on Penn State's premises. It's appalling that these acts were committed by a Penn State assistant head coach. It's devastating that Joe Paterno, upon learning the news, wouldn't go straight to the police. I'm not stupid. I realize that big universities are a strict bureaucracy. There are accepted channels every person involved in the school must go through. Joe Paterno had an obligation to report to his bosses, but then those at the top had an obligation to report to the police. With all the admirable stories attributed to JoePa that I heard in my tenure alone, I am disappointed that Paterno, after realizing his bosses weren't taking initiative, wouldn't take it upon himself to go to the proper authorities. JoePa was our champion, JoePa was our heart, JoePa was our god.

Of course, Joe Paterno didn't commit the heinous sex crimes. No, that dishonor goes to Jerry Sandusky, who was involved with Penn State athletics for over 30 years. I won't ask how a man could sexually abuse a child. I won't ask how an authority figure could abuse his power to lure his victims in. I won't ask how he could bring such shame to Penn State. There are no satisfactory answers to these questions, so why bother asking them?

So what now? What do the alumni and fans do? How do we reconcile our love for a University that brushes aside such dark deeds? CNN reporter Roxanne Jones reaffirms that this is hardly PSU's first infraction, but this one pierces the heart. How can we ever again proudly shout our rallying cry? Are we still Penn State? Am I? In the wake of this scandal, my father expresses the way I think all Penn Staters are feeling now: "I feel betrayed."